Video transcription

Hi, my name is Andrea, and I have Gabby here to help me demonstrate a front handspring which is a beginning front tumbling move for beginning gymnasts. The materials you will need are a floor and a wide open space. You begin by starting in a lunge. This is a power skill done from a run, but I'm doing it in slow motion here for you, from a stand. So, you begin with a lunge, you block off your hands. You want your feet to come together in the handstand. A common mistake is that gymnasts bring their feet together too late in the skill. You're going to do what's called a block and block off your hands and land in a straight body position, looking up at the ceiling. It's important to land this way so that in later gymnastics, the skills preceding the front handspring will be much easier. Gabby will demonstrate this front handspring a little bit faster. My name is Andrea, and Gabby has just helped me demonstrate a front handspring for beginning gymnastics.