Video transcription

Hi, my name is Andrea, and Kim is going to help me demonstrate standing back handsprings and standing back tucks. The materials you will need for this are an open space and a panel mat. A back handspring is different from back tucks in that when you do a back handspring, you want to stretch back, long. The longer your back handspring, the better your back handspring. Kim is going to demonstrate a long back handspring. You can make your back handspring longer by sitting in that chair and really throwing your chest backward. A back tuck, on the other hand, you want to stretch up. You don't want to throw your head or chest back at all. You swing your arms and do what's called a set and go straight up. Your knees should come up to your chest in order to do the back tuck. Your chest does not come down to your knees. Kim is going to demonstrate a standing back tuck. You want to land with your chest up, bending your knees and your shoulders over your hips. My name is Andrea, and Kim has just helped me demonstrate a standing back handspring and a standing back tuck.