Video transcription

Hi, I'm Andrea, and this is Gabby. She's going to help me demonstrate a handstand for beginning gymnastics. The materials you will need are a floor and a wide open space. When you start a handstand, you want to start in a lunge with your front leg bent and your back leg straight and your arms by your ears, they should be straight. You lever into the handstand by bringing your back leg up before your hands touch the ground. When your hands touch the ground, make sure that the elbows stay straight. A common mistake in beginning gymnastics is that they bend their elbows. Make sure they stay straight and that they're all in align. When you come out of the handstand, you split on top and lever out of the handstand bringing the hands up before the back leg touches the ground. You end in a lunge the way you begin. My name is Andrea, and Gabby has just demonstrated a handstand for beginning gymnastics.