Video transcription

Hi, I'm magician Paul Weatherbee, and in this tutorial, I'm going to be talking to you about the pulse control magic card trick. For the pulse control magic card trick, you're going to need a deck of cards, and you're going to need a helper. It goes a little something like this. First I'm going to show it to you, then I'm going to tell you how it's done. the pulse control card trick. Sir, please step right up, don't be shy. Hi. Going good, how are you doing today? Good. Great. If you would please, pick a card, any card at all. OK. Take the card out, look at it, don't show it to me, I've seen this trick before. What I'd like you to do is memorize your card, because if you don't memorize your card, it's going to be a lousy trick in a few minutes when I ask you what your card was. Have you memorized your card? Yes I have. Fantastic. We'll put it right there. Don't let me see it. OK very good, we'll put it right back in the deck, just like that. Have you had any experience with lie detectors? No I haven't. No? Well you've sen them on TV, though, haven't you? On all the crime shows? Of course you have. Lie detectors work by body response. By you know, it's been said that when somebody is trying to deceive another person their pupils dilate and they perspire a little bit. Their heart rate quickens. We're going to try a little experiment with your pulse rate. Kind of like a lie detector. We'll spread out the cards, just like this. Just like this. And we'll make sure that they're all seen. All right, if you would, please hold your hand over the cards, and I'm going to take your pulse, just like this. And no change down here. A little bit faster, a little bit faster. Now it's slowing down again. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. It's very fast right here. Was this your card? Yes it was. Very good, thank you for helping out with that. yes, thank you. Great. And now, for the secret to the pulse control card trick. The pulse control card trick works on the old magic principle, but it's still a very valuable one, call the key card technique. Before the trick starts, look at the bottom card. In this case, it's the five of spades. Now have someone pick a card, they take the card out, they look at it. As they're looking at it, you cut the cards, have them put their card back, and when you put the card back on, put the card that was on the bottom, the five, back on top. That way, you know, when you spread them out, their card is the card right above your key card, or the card that you looked at earlier. And in this case we looked at the five of spades earlier, that way we know the chosen card was the three of diamonds. Now during the pulse control magic card trick, you don't really take the person's pulse. It has absolutely nothing to do with the trick. It's just the pattern that goes along with it. It makes for a great story. back in college, I used to do the pulse control card trick when I would go out. I'll tell you what, girls think it's great and it's a good way to get into their personal space and you get to know them. That is the real magic. I'm Paul Weatherbee, that was the pulse control during a magic card trick. I hope you have fun with it. Check out Rock on and keep your magic strong.