Video transcription

Hi, I'm Renee Bloom, and today I want to show you how to trim around a dog's ears. The items you will need is a comb, a thinning shear, a straight shear, and a stripping knife. First, take your curved, or your thinning shears, get all the hairs on the inside of the ear in very quick motions. Get all that hair around the ear. Okay start with the back of the ear right to the back of the ear start. You are trimming it to the leather so you might want to feel how far you can go so you don't nick the dog. But real tight. And then come around the front a little bit. This gives it a nice, natural soft appearance not heavily scissored. Once you have that done outline the hair you've trimmed with your straights, outline the whole ear or the whole back of the ear. Wherever you've used to use your thinning shear just go over it again with that. And then with your stripping knife you can get the fuzzies off by pulling the hair, grabbing it with your thumb and pulling it down. And that is how you trim a dog's ears.