Video transcription

Hi, I'm Renee Bloom, and today I'm going to show you how to trim a dog's toenails. You will need a guillotine-style nail trimmer, septic powder or Quick Stop is what they call it, a slicker brush, and a Dremel. First, you want to grab the foot. Make sure you're holding it so the dog is comfortable. Do not do this, that's not natural. Don't come back. They don't like that. You want a nice clean cut. Be very comfortable. Identify the toenail, by brushing it up. So, you can see where he's worn his toenail down to the quick underneath the toenail. So, I need to tip this part to get as close to the quick as possible. If you do not get to the quick, the toenail quick will grow all the way out to the toenail and it will result in extra long quicks, which are impossible to cut short, and it's uncomfortable for the dog. The correct way to hold a guillotine-style nail trimmer is upside down. You don't want to hold it like this, because your thumb has no control and it wiggles. Your want to have a quick, all the force come to the clipper with your hand, your palm of your hand so that you can get a nice quick, clean cut, very controlled. You see how the dog wears it out at this angle? Okay, I want to correct that angle, I want to make it flat like this. That's what I'm going to cut off. There's the quick. Angle your clipper, now it's at a more flat angle. See how it, that's where he's worn it. You can cut all the way to there and it shouldn't bleed. But I'll go a little above it, because I'll finish it off with a Dremel. After I've done that, you'll notice the clips are exposed, but they're not bleeding. That's a perfect nail trim. Identify and cut quick. In order to finish it off, you want to take your Dremel, which you can get at any hardware store, and just file the edges off. Turn it on and come around. Don't come under here because as I said, the quick is there and that would be uncomfortable. It's like hitting a vein, hitting a nerve. And it's just, when they start to pull like that, you know you've gotten close enough. And that is how you trim a dog's toenails.