Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy. Today, we're going to talk about how to give deep tissue massage to the feet. For this, you will need oil, massage tools, a massage table and workspace. When you're working with the feet, usually what I'll do is I use, I start with lotion, a little bit of peppermint in the lotion is nice too, especially, you know, you want to wipe the persons foot off if they have kind of icky feet, but I'll start out with a little bit of lotion. You want to massage the foot and warm it up and make sure when you're doing this that you're using firm pressure because people can be very ticklish here. A lot of times if you make sure that your pressure is firm and not light and tickle-y, people that normally are tickle-y on the feet can handle it, so you want to warm the foot up and when you're working with deep tissue work, or you're trying to get into the deeper layers of the connective tissue and the muscles, and you know, the feet are made up of a lot of tendons and a lot of connective tissues. People get a lot of fasciitis, planter fasciitis, in the bottom of the foot, so getting in there on a deep level is very helpful. So, you want to press in deeply and you want to just kind of get in here and separate between the metatarsals and if somebody you're working on, if they have really callus feet and they are really difficult and you just can't even feel like you can get in there, even with a fist, you can always use a massage tool to get in there a little more deeply and break up some adhesions. Just kind of getting in there on the planter part of the foot or you can use another tool like this. Either one of these can be helpful for getting in there and doing some deeper work. Often times the heel has a lot of stuff going on in it so you can get in there and work on that along the edges of the foot here, in between the toes. The main thing of what you want to do with deep tissue work is you're breaking up adhesions and letting the connective tissues soften and lengthen, breaking up adhesions between the connective tissue and the muscle fiber also. So people that have a lot of foot pain and dysfunction in their feet, numbness or any of that can all benefit from deep tissue work in the foot. So, that's how you do deep tissue work on the feet.