Video transcription

Hi, I'm Gretchen Rivas with Relax! Massage Therapy, and today we are going to talk about how to give deep tissue massage to the calf muscle. For this, you will need oil, a massage table and work space. You want to remember when you are doing deep tissue work one of the first things you want to do is warm up the tissue first. When I'm working with deep tissue work because the intention is to go a lot slower and a lot deeper, usually I use a massage lotion instead of an oil and if you are going to use an oil, use just enough to get a nice glide without slipping and sliding too much. So, with this, I'm just going to work the muscle tissues and warm them up because whenever you are doing deeper tissue work and you want to get in deeper on the muscles and the connective tissue or the fascia you want to make sure that the muscles are warmed up because if you go in too deep too fast it can cause pain and cause the person to guard and flinch and keep you out. So, we have warmed up the gastroc and soleus muscles in here so when you are doing some deeper tissue work remember, your intention is to go a little bit more slowly and set your intention to get to the deeper levels of the muscle and also of the connective tissue where you can break up adhesions and realign the fascia because remember the fascia is made up of collagen and it reacts differently to deeper work than muscle fibers do. So you can realign and really help with chronic pain and injury problems. So what you want to do first is come up the gastroc muscle, kind of where it divides and breaks open here, go through here and also you can get in here and separate, you okay with that pressure? Okay, and touch base with your client as you are doing this because deep tissue work especially in the calf, a lot of people get a lot of trigger points in here and when you are doing this work you'll find that you'll come across that hard knotty area so be careful, slow down, check in with your client as you are doing the work and make sure it is not too much for them. Usually right through here is tender, are you okay with that? Okay. I'm going along deeper in here on the side just like we did on the other side over here and you want to get in there. You can also get in down here around the Achilles and break up this area around through here and just go deep through here. Tender spot there on him. Sorry about that. So, you may need to be careful and lighten up around the popliteal crease here because that can be sensitive, but oftentimes people will have a sensitive spot right in this area of the calf. So, when you are doing deeper work be cautious of that and work slowly, check in with your patient, your client and make sure that the work is not too much for them and lighten up if you need to and have your client breathe through it as you go and that's how you do deep tissue work on the calf.