Video transcription

Hi everyone. I'm Carol Ann, your fitness expert from Tampa, Florida, and today I'm going to show you some tips on how you can do waist twists, especially for women over 50 years of age. So, the items that you'll need is an exercise ball, a mat, and a wide open space. So first, what we are going to do is take the ball, sit it down. Have a seat on your ball. And we are just going to circle those hips around. And you want to pull your belly button in and really use your abdominal muscles. So, this feels really nice in the waistline. And then sit up really nice and tall and bring your arms up and twist right here at the waist. Nice and gently. Now, the way you want to breath is inhale side, exhale center. Inhale, exhale center, inhale. Nice and gentle working those abdominal muscles, some nice great twist right here. And you'll be sure to reduce that waistline in no time. I'm Carol Ann, your fitness expert and that is some twist exercises especially for women over 50.