Video transcription

Hi everyone. I'm Carol Ann, your fitness expert from Tampa, Florida, and I've got some great facial exercises for you women that are over 50. Look at me, I'm 70. You can do this. Just kidding. So, this is what you need. Your face. Just think about it. You've got 55 muscles in your face, and you need to work them just like you work any other muscle in your body. So, we've got to keep them toned and tight, especially as we are aging. So, the first exercise you want to do is just simply open and close your mouth. So, close your lips and open. And you do that about ten times, and I know it looks silly, but it really works. And then, just take your lips and go side to side. And you just really want to get that blood flowing in your face. Get that circulation pumping. Next, you are just going to take your fingers gently on the outsides of your eyes and close and open, close and open. Right there on the sides of your eyes. Good. About 10 times, and then you just want to take your fingers gently on your eyebrows and close and open. Close and open. Just gently rubbing right above those eyebrows, good. Now, don't forget, right around here on your jaw. So, you don't want your face to sag right here. So, you want to just really lean your head back and clench your jaws and work that neck. And just take your head and go side to side as you are stretching your neck. And just again, getting that blood flowing, and then you can do both your eyes and your mouth at the same time. So close and open, and close and open. And then just pat your face and just gently pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, get that blood circulating right there. And I know you are going to do this in the privacy of your own home cause God forbid you do it out in public, but it's all good, it's all good. And that's how you are going to work your facial muscles. And that's how we are going to fight aging. I'm Carol Ann, your fitness expert from Tampa, Florida.