Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bill Connolly, a cartooning expert and we're going to learn today, how to draw cartoon characters. The materials we'll need are, a piece of paper, a pencil, a thick pen and a thin pen for shading. And here's your first tip on how to draw a cartoon character, is layout. We're going to take two, this one is very circular, very common looking character. Do some ears and just a kind of a basic look. The next one will be more realistic, but just laying it out with a pencil and getting the basic eyes, nose, mouth. And the second step is going to be the type of cartoon character. The two types I'll choose are, just basic fantasy made up circular, having nothing to do with reality, cartoon character like a mouse type. Putting in different shines and this is just my version of a cartoon mouse character. With just a lot of circles, that's one type, the fantasy kind, and you can fill in the colors. The second type is more of a, like a superhero, realistic type of a cartoon character. What I'm going to do is, just make the very basic lines with a thick marker, then come back and add details with the rest. Broad shoulders, it might be a little more human anatomy, it might be more close to reality than say, this mouse. Where the head of the mouse would be, maybe three times as big as it normally would be. But on this one, to the right it would take a little more detail and would resemble an actual human being, a little bit more. Even though still kind of cartoony, but it's a little more realistic. So, the final step is going to be, the final tip is shading and you can fill in the hair. If it's some kind of a superhero, you an fill in logos identifying the character. Come in and shade it in here, for this character it would be all black. I'll just do the one ear, just a solid black ear. And on this one, it would be certain parts gray, if you had a cape, it would be different grays there. More of actual hair strands as opposed to solid black over here, with two different types. So, you have the layout, the type and the shading. And that's basically how to draw a cartoon character, I'm Bill Connolly, a cartooning expert and thanks for watching.