Video transcription

Hello, my name is John Maynard owner and operator of Champion Martial Arts and Fitness, and I am working today with my assistant Bill Poteet. We are going to go over three basic kicks; in most fighting styles they use these three kicks: front kick, round kick, and side kick. For this you will need a good training partner, good material, your kick shields, and a good safe training space. The one that we will start with today is the front kick. You see Bill, his point of reference is always hands up in some symbol it is a hands up, all styles have different ways to do this but your hands are up in front. When using the front kick he is going to pick his knee up to his chest, push straight forward, like he is kicking a door down. Can you go one time slow Bill? See how he is using the full force his hips, he is using his whole body to get into this. Now with power. So, we have seen the power that is generated by the kick. That is the back leg front kick. Now we will use what is called the back leg round kick, this is also a Tai version of the kick, and it is a low leg kick that is used from any part of the leg from basically the ankle bone up into the hip bone. What happens here is, is Bill will pick his rear leg up in what is called a chambered position. He will step across and he is going to dig with his shin and or the top of his foot into the pad. One more time Bill slow. He is going to step across, picks the knee up, chambers, digs into the pad. More shin than foot when you are kicking low, the Tai version you want to use the hardest part of your low leg which is your shin. This position you will see how hard this can get. Go ahead Bill. One more time. That is the low leg round kick and you can tell the damage that would do to a leg and anybody can do this kick it is a very basic simple kick, although Bill is a pro at it, anybody can use that kick. We use now what is called the sidekick, this is the hardest martial arts kick to do because it requires a lot of range in motion and flexibility if you do it exactly correctly like you will see Bill do. What he is going to do is he is turned sideways to me, so he is defending himself in a side position or he is bladed off to me. When he slides up he will do what is called a chamber, he will point his heel at me and push straight forward with a kick. He is going to push like he would push down a door like a front kick, like we did just a second ago. So he slides up, body weight, chamber, push. Go ahead Bill. You see the power that that creates as I am trying to get my wind back. So that is a basic slide up side kick. The three basic kicks are front kick, round kick, side kick, our point of reference is always is hands up and a good chamber.