Video transcription

Hi, my name is Andrea Pratt and this is USA Gymnastics World in Bountiful, Utah. I'm going to have some of my girls here demonstrate some beginner gymnastics move. The materials you will need are a floor and a wide open space. Ally is going to begin with a handstand forward roll. She's going to start in a lunge and kick to a tight handstand position. She keeps tight in her tummy and does not arch in her back. She keeps her elbows straight as she rolls forward. Claire is going to demonstrate a back extension roll position. When doing a back extension roll, it's important to keep the speed high and keep your elbows straight and your hands turn in toward each other. Paige is going to demonstrate a cartwheel. It's important to have your hips go over the top on a cartwheel and lunge in and lunge out. Claire is going to demonstrate a round off back handspring back tuck kick-out. In doing tumbling, it's important to keep your elbows straight and your knees straight. It helps you transfer your power along, rather than absorbing the power into the floor. In doing your round off back handspring back tuck, it's important to do what's called the set before your back tuck where your arms are right by your ears and your head is not leaning back. A common mistake made by gymnasts when doing a back tuck is that they want to make it around so they throw their body back. It's important to stretch tall when you're doing your back tuck and not throw your head back and do a correct set. Claire has just demonstrated one of the advanced moves that you can do if you practice gymnastics everyday.