Video transcription

Hi, I'm Andrea Pratt and this is USA Gymnastics World in Bountiful, Utah. I have Claire here whose going to help us demonstrate the split which is an important stretch for beginner gymnasts. The materials you will need are a floor and a wide open space. When you're first starting, just sit in a position like this with your back leg straight and bent and your front leg all the way straight. Then, you're going to lean forward with your hands stretching out to your foot. Try to go as far as you can. Then, you're going to sit up and press your hips forward, bending your front knee. This will help stretch out before you get to the splits. When you're ready, you can slide down as far as you can into the splits. If you can't go all the way down into the splits right away, don't be discouraged. It takes time, just practice everyday. "Sit up." Claire is now going to show us a straddle stretch. This is also important in beginning gymnastics. When doing your straddle sit, you don't want to sit all the way out. Your legs should be at about 90 degree angle. You sit up straight and tall, you go to the right side; try to go as far as you can. You want your nose to be facing down toward your knee. You don't want one shoulder up. That's a different stretch. Both hands should be stretched out toward your foot with your nose to your knee. You can do this to both sides and then stretch as far as you can into the middle. "Thank you Claire." Claire has just demonstrated some beginning stretches for beginner gymnasts.