Video transcription

Hi, I'm Daniel Penselin, and this is how to spool with a Weed Eater. The things you will need: a Weed Eater, gas and replacement line. The first step is to unplug the Weed Eater if it is electric. Remove the spark plug if the model is a gas trimmer. Next, tip the Weed Eater so you can have easy access to the spool. Clean off any grass or debris from the head of the Weed Eater. Make sure that the line is the correct diameter for your Weed Eater. Insert one inch of the Weed Eater line into the center of the Weed Eater spool. Wrap the line snugly on the spool in the direction of the arrow on the spool. Put the spool back on with four to six inches of tail extending from the Weed Eater. And that is how you spool with a Weed Eater.