Video transcription

Hi, I'm Max Eberle, and welcome to Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California, and today I'm going to tell you how to use the diamonds on a pool table. And basically, philosophically speaking, they're used as geometry, or reference points. So, use them to find tracks, that the key ball is going to travel down. And as long as that key ball is somewhere along that track, then you can actually hit toward the diamond, if it's on that line. And you can use it to divide distances, if the key ball and the object bar are the same distance off the rail and you're trying to kick the key ball into the rail. And you're to kick the key ball into the rail and then, hit that object ball. You can simply use basic subtraction, just to hit that ball. So, if the key ball is two diamonds away from the object ball. Then you simply have to aim at one diamond in between the key ball and the object ball and you're going to hit that kick. And it also depends on what kind of spin you use. If you hit center ball with a medium speed, you're going to hit most of your kicks. Any time you go over one rail, if you hit two or three or more rails. And usually you're going to use like a Running English. So, that means that the key ball is going to spin around the table a little more easy with that Running English. So, if you're hitting a three rail shot, up towards the left rail, you're going to use Right English. And then, the key ball is going to go naturally around the table and you're going to use the diamond system for that. So, it really gets complex and beautiful, the diamond system and it's worthy of study, there's really a lot to learn, it's kind of a never ending journey. But there are some diamond systems that you can learn really quick and are going to help you in your game, right away. I mean, I can show you a couple shots using the diamonds, right now, that are going to win several matches for you, if you play competitive pool. Billiards players, professional billiards players use, then that's the game with no pockets. And some of those guys have a diamond system down to a science and it's just incredible, what they can do. Just a little bit of that in your game, is really going to help you out. So, learn some more about the diamonds, I'm Max Eberle, and that's how to use the diamonds in pool.