Video transcription

Hi, I'm Max Eberle, and I'm talking to you from Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California, and I have some pool shot aiming tips for you. So, you're going to need an object ball, cue ball, a pool cue and a piece of chalk. The first step is to find a contact point on your object ball. What you want to do is pretend that your object ball is a cue ball and you're going to shoot it directly into center of the pocket. You come over here and you aim right for the middle of the one, not too high, not too low; right in the middle and that's how you find your contact point is as if you're going to hit the one. And aim my cue right at the middle of the one ball, right into the pocket where I want it to go and where my tip is aim on the ball, that's my contact point. So, using your fiddle of your brown cue ball, you're going to chalk up, line up your shot, get down and just broke the ball. And this one might be the most important tip to help your game big time. So, you've done that everybody's done it and you've seen people do it; basically, where they're doing a shot and then right when they're getting ready to shoot, the jump up happens all the time. Usually it's going to be a little more subtle than that, it might look something like this. See and it might cause the ball to do it barely miss, but it's still a miss. So, my tip for you is keep your body completely still. And so first, chalk up; second, line up your shot and then third, just move your arm, keep your body totally still. You could be a statue; you could be over a one million years. I'm Max Eberle, and that is a pool aiming tip for you.