Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. How to lose belly fat by stretching. The things you will need for this are a mat and some space. So, you really want to focus on getting the core nice and warm, kind of doing some fantastic stretches and here's one that's fantastic. The legs are long. It's called churning the mill. So, all you want to do, you want to sit up nice and tall, take your hands, kind of lace your hands, put like your right thumb on top and we're going to circle to the right. So, watch what I do, I'm turning the mill. It is stretching the back of my legs. It's a great low back stretch, and it's warming up those abdominal muscles. So, I'm really feeling a great stretch, the belly is hot, reverse it and watch what I do with my thumbs, now the left thumb is on top and go to the left. So, we're churning the mill. So, every time you forward fold, you're actually helping aid in that digestion process. So, that one's pretty great. Here's another one. I'm still going to sit up nice and tall. I'm going to have my hands kind of like a gun and you want to go forward as you inhale, exhale, sit up and kind of back and bring the arms around and do it again. So, you're getting a great stretch, reaching up and back, wrapping the arms around. That one's a fantastic stretch for the low back, hamstring and you're really working the abdominal muscles as well. Coming all the way down, same thing, you want to work the core but get a great stretch in. So, here's a great one, legs up, arms up, lower the arms and legs, lift them back up. So, you're really stretching those abdominals and working them at the same time, inhale and exhale, how great is that? So my abdominals are warm. So, my heart rate is up, burning calories and the fact that I'm doing that forward fold, helping me digest my food quicker, helping me speed up my metabolism, really going to help get rid of that belly.