Video transcription

This is Susan Posner at Today, we're going to be teaching you how to airbrush scales and the materials you are going to be needing is your airbrush and your paint, your format and a precut stencil with some scales. Take the stencil up against the format and these can be used for fish scales, dragon scales, whatever kind of scales that you want on the character that you're going to be painting and I have two different types cut out so I'm going to do a sample of both of each. This one is more along the line of fish scales, and I'm just lightly shadowing them in and this one you can consider to be dragon scales and again just lightly shadowing them in. Now that I have the shadowing done on the scales, I want to take my stencil off, grab my scales and I want to add a little bit of detail to those scales so I'm going to go with a little darker color and just lightly go around the edges of them and you can use any color you like in these scales. The more color you have, the prettier it looks and with these scales because they're a different shape, I'm going to do a different style shadowing and here we have the basics of doing scales and thank you for watching.