Video transcription

Hello, my name is Linda DiSimone, seamstress and designer, and today we're going to talk about how to sew trim. The things that you will need is the trim that you want to use, a piece of fabric or the dress, anything you are putting the trim on, pins, scissors and matching thread. Just wanted to show you an idea for putting on trim like on this dress and I'm just going to use a little piece of fabric to show you how to do it but this is the way the finished product would look. Okay, so step one is to get your fabric, your dress and your trimming, fold down a little piece at the beginning of it so you don't have a raw edge, put it to the edge of your fabric and pin and then pin all along where you want your trimming to follow any line that you have in mind or over here there was a seam that I followed to put the trim on and pin it all the way across. Step two is we're going to be sewing on our trimming and remember I said to fold down a piece at the top so you have a clean edge and you could sew right down the middle. Now, you could use two different types of stitches. If you want you could just use a straight stitch and go straight down the middle of your trimming, or you can make a zig zag and zig zag through it so that's your choice. I'm going to use a straight stitch right now. I always go backwards when I get started to secure this stitch and you just go straight through all the way to the end and when you do at the end, remember when you cut it off, fold your end piece as well so you get the same finish as you would do on the front. My name is Linda DiSimone, and thanks for watching this video.