Video transcription

Hi. I am Courtney Casbar, a professional freelance makeup artist, and this is my model Elena. I am going to be demonstrating how to apply makeup to a round face. For this exercise, we are going to need a few materials. We will need moisturizer to prep the face, a sponge, foundation, concealer, a contour kit, blush, setting powder, and a puff. To start, we are going to prep the face with a moisturizer. Next, we are going to apply foundation. I have already matched her color so we are ready to go. Just apply the foundation where it is needed. Using your foundation brush, just blend until you cannot see anymore lines. The purpose of foundation is to even out the skin tone, you do not want to draw anymore attention to it, and you do not want it to look like a mask. Next, we are going to apply some concealer to any brown or blue areas. We are going to use a yellow based concealer to neutralize the red tones. Usually those occur right around the nose. Now, I am going to neutralize the dark spots on the eyes. It is not to insult the model, everybody has those. Look up. Thanks. Now, we are going to set this, with setting powder, and then we are going to get on to contouring for a round face. And we are using the setting powder so, the makeup will stay longer. Now that we have foundationed and concealed, we are going to move on to the fun part, contouring. For a round face, we want to highlight the forehead to create the illusion of width. We are going to do this by using the lighter color in our contour kit. We are also going to highlight underneath the eyes, and a bit on the chin. Next, with an angle cheek brush, we are going to contour the jaw-line and part of the cheek. This is to minimize the width, of the cheek area. Now, we are going to blend with our puff. Now, you can see that the contour kit minimized longer areas that we wanted to make disappear with the darker contour and then we highlighted areas that we wanted maximized, like the chin and forehead. And also the correct hairstyle can help a lot with your face shape. I am Courtney Casbar, and this is my model Elena, and I just gave tips on how to put makeup on a round face.