Video transcription

Hello my name is Dr. James Talbott from Belle Forest Animal Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Here's how to remove mats from dog hair. Here's what you're going to need. You're going to need a mat splitter or a dematter but you're also going to need a good brush and it's also helpful for a lot of these if you have electronic or electric clippers like groomers use. There are a lot of different causes of mats in dog hair. One is specifically problems with the skin, you know, allergies, excessive itching and tangling of the hair, poor quality food which gives you a poor quality coat, can cause mats as well. Obviously, ungroomed long hair can tangle and cause mats as well. Dogs who are outside that are constantly getting wet or dirty can also lead to a lot of mats. A dematter is a specific type of comb basically with blades on it. Now you have to be very careful with these and always check with your veterinarian first to see if this is the appropriate thing to use but what dematters do is you can get those blades underneath the mat and basically cut the mat out in a combing motion. Following that, you'll need a good brush to brush out that area and prevent more mats that can be forming. Now if a dematter does not work, then electric clipper blades are the best thing. Now you have to keep in mind that mats are always close to the skin and you want to be very very careful not to cut the skin. So, ask a veterinarian or a professional groomer for the best way to deal with that but using a clipper right against the skin to remove that mat is also a good way of doing that. And those are some helpful tips to remove mats from dog hair.