Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amelia Smith and I'm going to show you how to curl hair with your straightener. For this clip, you'll need your hair straightener, thermal protectant and a styling comb. Always make sure that you first use your heat protectant product, which we have actually already applied to Lauren's hair. We just want to spray it all over lightly, and either comb it through or use our hands and sort of make sure that you distribute it evenly. So, I am going to comb that section out, make sure that I get rid of any knots that are in that section. I apply the flatiron to the section, twist and then slide it down the hair shaft. The slower you move the iron through the hair, as you're twisting it, the tighter the curl. The faster you move it through, the looser the curl. And I'll demonstrate that here. So, I've applied the flatiron, I'm twisting it and I'm, so as you can see, that was a much looser curl than this. So, you just continue that around the head and that's how you curl with a flatiron.