Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. David Hill, and today we're going to talk about how to relieve sinus headache naturally. Now, the first question is, do you really have a sinus headache? A lot of people who think they have sinus headaches actually have migraine headaches. Now, a sinus headache, ideally, would be felt as a pressure sensation, either right here where the maxillary sinuses are, or up here where the frontal sinuses are, and often just on one side, although it can be in both. It should come with symptoms of a sinus infection, so you ought to have a runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, sore throat or maybe even fever. In the absence of these symptoms or of a typical headache, I wouldn't be so fast to assume that your headache is a sinus headache. A lot of people who think they have sinus headaches actually have migraine headaches. Now, migraines are a bit much to address in this particular clip. However, there are all sorts of other clips about migraines and other resources that you can look at. If you have a classic sinus headache, of course, you've probably already tried Tylenol or Ibuprofen to relieve the symptoms, however, what else could you do? Well, you could also use a nasal decongestant, like the ingredient in Afrin, Oxymetazoline, which can squirt up in the nose and it will shrink the tissues inside the nose, temporarily. Usually the relief is temporary, and the most important thing is you only want to give that one or two days, because as you get beyond three days of use, the tissues tend to swell right back up as soon as you stop using the medicine. That's called rebound swelling, and it becomes very difficult to get off of the nose spray after those first few days. Now, there is an even safer, more natural alternative to this therapy, and that's to get a little bit of saltwater up into your nose, normal saline. Now, you can make this water by taking a cup of water and adding one half teaspoon of salt to it. You might want to boil that water to make sure that it's nice and clean and not contaminated, and then of course, let it cool off again, and then you can use either a syringe or a device called a Neti pot, which looks kind of like a genie lamp, to introduce that saltwater up into the nasal cavities and wash them out. That will often bring some temporary relief of congestion, and then of this pressure as well. Now, you don't want to go crazy with the Veti pot; several uses a day is plenty, maybe even overkill, because you can wash out the natural defenses within the nasal cavities if you do it too much. So, short of that, you might want to see your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe, often, an anti-allergy medicine that you can squirt up in your nose. This will be a Corticosteroid, like Fluticasone or Mometasone, there are a variety of brands; but over a period of days, use of this medicine daily can reduce the swelling inside the nose and allow the sinuses to drain thus, alleviating the pressure. So, talking about different ways to relieve the headache from sinus congestion, I'm Dr. David Hill.