Video transcription

Hi. I'm Linda DiSimone, decorator and designer, and I'm here to show you how to make a Roman shade. The things you will need are: sewing items, cord, and small rings, eye hooks, pencil, a piece of one by two - the width of your window, stapler. Step one: after measuring your window, choose your fabric, along with a liner, to give it stability. Cut your fabric and sew your lining and your fabric, right sides together. Turn the fabric right side out and iron it. Cover the piece of wood with the top of your fabric and staple it in place. Step four: mark with a pencil where you'd like to put your rings and then sew them on. Step five: tie your cording to the bottom ring and thread it through all the other rings. Continue tying the cord through each of the separate rows leaving enough cord to tie them all together at the end. I'm Linda DiSimone and that's how to build a Roman shade.