Video transcription

Hi, I'm Cori DiSimone and I'm here to tell you about how you can paint rocks using oil paint. The materials you will need for this is a rock, and, with a light source pointed on it so that it has high contrast on the rock, some oil paints, various sizes of oil paintbrushes, a palette, a palette knife and a rag, and a canvas tone in a middle gray. Whereas during the Gothic times of workshops and guilds, people would use copy books to create specific depictions of rocks or trees or mountains. In the contemporary art world, most artists aren't trained like that anymore. If you want to paint something like a rock, you need to look at the rock; have a, a light source pointed on it in the way that it will, it better would appear in your picture and look at the rock and paint it onto your canvas. The first step is to mix all of the colors that you see in your piece as well as in the background first. So, you want to look for those middle tones and mix them, but then also mix the lighter and darker shades of those as well. The second step is to apply the middle tones to your canvas. So, you're just pretty much laying down the shape on your canvas. The third step is to add the highlights to your object. I'm Cori DiSimone, and that's how you paint a rock using oil paint.