Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts I am a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. How to use weights to help you lose weight. The things you will need for this are: dumbbells, a free weight bar and some space. The beauty of weights is you are really burning the muscle, getting in there and what's happening is it's helping you burn more calories. Because every pound of lean muscle mass you have, you are burning between 50 and 60 calories a day. So, if you want to lose weight, you really have to get the weights out and get your arms going. And it's going to strengthen your muscles, is actually going to make your bones stronger unbelievable. Got 2 weights here, just 2 ten-pounders. Starting simple. Lift and lower. So, my arms are going over my head and what's happening is the heart rate is going to go up. Want to make sure you keep breathing, and I like to do, you know what, I just like to do as many as I can. But, like three sets of twelve is pretty great stuff. What I like to do is, like, do a light weight, then a heavy weight, then a light weight. So, my heart rate is already going up because my arms are over my head. Same thing, you can grab the weights and do a little twist. You're really working on the abdominals, the shoulders are kind of getting in on there. Let's say you don't have two free weights. I'm going to grab a bar. I'm going to grab it. Lifting and lowering. Bicep curl. This is a light weight, I definitely need more weight on this bar, but again, you could change it up. You want that muscle confusion. Heavy weights. Go to light. Then do heavy, as many as you can to really get those muscles hot, and you're going to be losing weight in no time.