Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. How to use a rowing machine properly. The things you will need for this are rowing machine, pair of gloves, and some space. Alright, first you want to take your feet and step number one, you just want to have a bent knee. You do not want a straight leg at all. So, you want to reach, kind of put your weight that you really want, your just desired amount of weight. Grabbing it, and I'm going to lift. Now, step two would be posture. Which is sitting up very straight. Abs are in, and I'm not swinging forward and back. I've got sitting nice and tall. Elbows are in close. You want to make sure you keep breathing. This is really working those back muscles, shoulders. Inhale and exhale. Maybe do like ten of them. Knees slightly bent. Two, and one. Then you want to lower down. Rest for a minute, but you want to make sure the back is working. You're not working the legs. Grab it again. So, you want perfect posture. Elbows in close. Abdominals nice and braced. Low back braced. And you're going to get an amazing shoulder and back exercise. Heart rate is going up. And that's how you use a rowing machine.