Video transcription

In my practice and with the style of work that I do, I'm more often than not performing a full one hour body massage and I start with the lower extremities and the feet. I will now demonstrate draping the lower leg. You will take your linens and you'll want all of the layers in hand. You're going to fold it back. You want to keep the opposite leg and foot covered. Some of this will become second nature as you practice it over the years. We're going to move the clients leg out towards the edge of the table. We're going to take all the linens in hand and gently pull them towards you and then you can tuck your linen in and down along the hip and the inside of the thigh. This leaves the entire leg exposed. You have your linen locked in place with the client?s body weight. Then you can access their leg from the base of their foot all the way up into their hip. Now you're ready to do the work.