Video transcription

Where you're going to tend to find the most common trigger points for the gluteous are right in this area. We have the gluteous maximus and we've got the medius and the minimus. This point tends to be quite deep and sharp. As you can tell the client has pulled away just a little. We're going to find it and hold it. I like to rest the other hand on the client when I'm working. It's just very reassuring. It helps me to work in a balanced manner and stay anchored. You can see I'm using quite a bit of pressure. There's quite an indentation there. I'm holding it. Once again you may feel a release, you may not. You'll become more intuitive about it the more you work with it. You can let the pressure off have the client take a breath in. Reposition your hand and go into it again. I would conclude once again by using some effleurage or some broad cross fiber just too sort of redistribute the feeling from the pressure and I'd cover my client back up.