Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark Blocker and in this segment I am going to cover how to replace an oxygen sensor. On this model vehicle the oxygen sensor is mounted always in the exhaust manifold or the exhaust tubing or down by the catalytic converters and to remove them it is a long spark plug looking device where the wire comes out and that cold be several wires on newer model cars and into the computer control system. First we're going to need to disconnect that by removing the clip and then sliding that out. Now we need to take the wire out of the holding bracket and remove that. Now we have access to simply remove the oxygen sensor itself. They make a specialty socket that is long and has a lot cut in it to allow the wire to hang out so you can use a socket and ratchet assembly and that can be had for about 30 bucks at any automotive supply or any automotive parts house or you could use a standard boxed in wrench. I recommend spraying down here because it goes into the oxygen or into the exhaust manifold and there is a lot of rust usually present with some penetrating oil and letting that sit for three or four minutes prior to removing the oxygen sensor but by removing the wire then you can simply take your boxed in wrench, I'm going to turn this around, slide it down over the oxygen sensor and then slide it on to the base of it where you will need to remove. This is going to give you a good biting all the way around the oxygen sensor better than an open end portion of a wrench itself. O'kay once you have removed your old oxygen sensor just simply follow the reverse procedure for installing it. Your new oxygen sensor should come equipped with a lubricant on the thread and if it is not there there should be a little packet in there called anti-seize and just put a small amount of that lubricant on the thread prior to inserting the new oxygen sensor and that will help it to come out easier should it need to be replaced and then make sure you put the wire in its clip holder, holds it out of the way and then connect the wire back into the computer system. That's how you replace an oxygen sensor.