Video transcription

Hi. I'm Lisa Goldsworthy with Ace Carpet and Upholstery Care in Denver, Colorado. And in this segment we are going to discuss the candle wax spill on the carpeting. This particular carpet sample that I'll be using has scotch guard on it so we may find that this'll bead up a little bit with the spill. We'll take a look. Alright so we're going to go with the candle wax spill. And we find that it's usually always a lot of a spill. It's never small, is it? It's always got to be something that's really scary to us so. Alright. So I spilled quite a bit on there. Let's take a look. In fact I'm going to go ahead and, look at this though. Unfortunately we wont have the luxury of taking our carpet from our floor and raising it like this to get rid of this excess wax. But take a look at what that scotch guard has done. It's kind of beaded up on the surface, it hasn't penetrated too much. Best thing to do? Nothing. Do nothing at this point. Let this wax dry, okay? So we're going to do just that. We're going to let this wax dry and we're going to come back to revisit that. We are back checking out our candle wax spill from earlier. As we had mentioned the best bet is to let that dry and it has dried. It's now a hard, waxy spill. So what you want to do is have an iron set at the lowest setting, which we have. And you also want a brown paper bag that does not have any writing on it. So, ideally, a brown paper bag like this. Another thing that will work will be paper towels. So that can also work in this type of spill. So let's take a look. Our next step after that candle wax has dried is to take that brown paper bag and place it over your spill. With your iron set at the lowest possible setting you place that on the brown paper bag for just a few moments. And basically what we're doing here is we are getting that wax to transfer onto our brown paper bag. And remember hotter is not better. Keep your iron on that low setting. Also another important point to make is that well want to fold this brown paper bag as we progress so that we're not getting residue on the rest of your carpet. Don't want to create more work for yourself that's for sure. So we're going to go ahead and continue this process and come back and revisit and take a look at a result. By remaining patient you can have nice results. Okay so we have blotted, used up the entire paper bag for the candle wax spill. And then I moved on to the white paper towel that I mentioned. And we still had some great result with the white paper towel. So I continued that process until I get a clean towel. So let's go ahead and take a look and make sure that we've got all the debris up. All the candle wax. I believe that our transfer onto the towel and to the paper is now complete. Just a little bit there. Just a little bit. But go ahead and take a look at this carpet sample. We had really nice results with that. Now obviously I would recommend that you follow up with, at some point, a hot water extraction through a professional carpet cleaner. But this is a result that I think that any consumer can be very, very pleased with. Now one very important note is that as you recall this was red wax. We obviously saw that with our transfer on the paper towel. And heat can set a red stain so if this was a lighter color carpet we may still have some of that red stain left. And that definitely is the point then where you should call a professional. You can certainly remove the wax but you may want to call a professional if you have a lighter color carpet and it is a red stain. Beware that heat can set in a stain.