Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bryan Moss, and I'm a professional hair and makeup artist, and I'm going to show you how to fade with clippers. For this, the materials you will need are clippers and the guard attachments. The first thing you want to do, actually, is lay out your guards in succession from largest to smallest, just so you have them in order, so you don't pick up anything you're not going to want to pick up and take off too much hair and give him a Mohawk when you're not trying to. The first thing I do is pick the largest one. He's got pretty long hair, and it also depends on the haircut you're going for. But, I go for the largest one and then go right up to the crown. And as you notice, I'm taking a comb and going ahead of the guard to lift the hair up, especially if they have a little bit of bend or a curl in the hair; it helps to lift up so you get every single strand. You go right to the sides of the crown here, and the temples, all around the head. Once you've got that and you're not cutting anymore, you switch to your next number, which, normally, it's eight through one, eight being the largest. This is a seven; I started with an eight. And you'll go until you've got the length that you want, until you go as short as you want. If they want a really tight fade, you might go down to a one, fade it up to a four. I'm fading from an eight to a four, or from a four to an eight on his haircut. So, we'll go all the way through, drop down to a six. And with each number, you're not going to want to go as high as you went with the next number. Keep an eye on what you're doing, so you're not going too high up. I'm taking the six about midway to where I took the eight. Now, we've dropped all the way down to a four, just taking a lot off. This is as short as he's going to want me to go. We'll get this, once we're done with the whole entire bottom of the head, you'll go through with your scissors, finish out the haircut. And that's how you fade with clippers.