Video transcription

Hello I'm Stephen Taylor. Coach of cyclists, triathletes and personal training. Today, we are going to talk about correct road bike pedaling techniques. The materials you will need for this activity include a basic road bike. You may have clipless pedals or straps which attach to your feet to the pedals. To efficiently pedal a road bike the key is that your pedal stroke motion is a circular pedal stroke, rather then thinking in terms of pushing the pedals straight down. So, in essence, what you are doing is you are pushing the pedal forward, down and back and you are not, per se, lifting the pedal and back, but you are un-weighting the foot during the back and upstroke of the pedal stroke. Greg Lamond famously described this technique as scraping the mud off the heel of your cycling shoe. So, you are adding to the down back and up phase of the pedal stroke. What I will also demonstrate is a technique that you can use to practice and develop a good circular pedal stroke. This is called one-leg drill. In one-leg drill, you are pedaling with one leg only, the other foot is unclipped and either placed on the back of the trainer, if you are riding a stationary trainer or you can place it carefully on the side of the frame of your bike or hold it out to the side. Besides, pedaling circles another good tip for correct road bike pedaling technique is a strategy of spin to win. Remember those words. Spin to win. The idea here is that you are not putting too much emphasis on using harder gears and lots of resistance, rather what you are doing is you are keeping your gear selection in a slightly lighter gear and spinning with a faster turnover or cadence. So, remember, you want to use a good circular pedal stroke and you might consider trying some one leg drills to develop a good circular pedal stroke. And then keep in mind spin to win. A higher cadence is generally a more efficient pedal stroke.