Video transcription

Hi, this is Tim from Camas Bike and Sport, here in Camas, Washington, and today I'm going to talk about bicycle saddle repair. And generally, with the newer saddles they make today, there really isn't much repairing them. If you were to cut this, then you would have to find someone to sew a new section on for you, to cut it and measure it. So, there really aren't that many people out there that do this. And see how these are stapled on. So, once this is assembled as a complete saddle, there really is no fixing it. Once something breaks, generally just replace it. And, there are some older saddles that have some older springs that tend to break. Now, some of these can be replaced, like this one looks like it can be bolted on, so it can be replaced, but generally, with any saddle, whenever it breaks or gets cut, you really just need to replace it. There really isn't any repairing a saddle unless you're really good with a thread and needle. My name is Tim and that's a little bit on bicycle saddle repair.