Video transcription

Hi, thanks for stopping. My name is Lorra. I'm with Wee Bee Cleaners out of Park City, Utah. Today we're going to discuss how to get scuffs out of wooden floors. The materials that you are going to need today will be a clean, terry cloth rag, a floor cleaner, oil-based. Okay, let's get started. You've got your scuff here. The first thing I like to do is with the dry rag I'll take my finger and I'll just rub right on there, put a little bit of pressure on it and you'll see that the dry rag will erase the black scuff mark. Now if you have a really tough scuff, you can spray and let that sit for just a minute and the oil base from the cleaning solution will clean out that harder scuff. And that is how you clean a scuff out of a wooden floor. Thanks for stopping.