Video transcription

Hi, my name is Sarah Shoemaker and today we will be talking about how to tie your ballet pointe shoes. All the materials you need are your ballet pointe shoes. To tie your pointe shoes, you want to make sure you do it in a way that is neat and snug, in a way that will not come undone while you're dancing. You begin with the outside ribbon that's on the outside of your foot and you pull it slightly in a firm way, just above your, the protrusion that's known as your ankle bone, and wrap around the back of your foot, coming back around the other side. Notice this isn't too high on the leg, but right around your ankle. And this is a point at which; not everyone does this; but I think it's a very helpful variation, where if you can thread the ribbon through, underneath the top ribbon, that you just wrap; it's going to place the knot more directly underneath which will come in handy when you're trying to secure that knot underneath the ribbon, so as to have it not show. Holding that ribbon in place, you'll take the other ribbon; pull around the other side, looping around once and then again and meeting up with that first ribbon and do a single tie and then another one, creating a small knot. And then you tuck that knot underneath the ribbons that are flat, hiding them and making it nice and secure. You want to make sure that that knot is tied in a soft space between the protrusion that is your ankle bone and in front of the Achilles tendon. There's a place that will feel very comfortable and secure and when you're finished, you should have clean lines; no bags or gaping ribbons and you're ready to dance. And in conclusion, that is how you tie your ballet pointe ribbons.