Video transcription

Hello, I am Angeline-Marie, a professional artist with In this clip, I am going to show you how to paint grass in oil paint. You will need a canvas, you will need paintbrushes, you will need oil paint. Notice I have a little bit of a blue sky. The first thing I am going to do is get some green, and I am just going to do some brush strokes going up. I am letting the blue sky go through. The next color I am going to get, because there is more than one color in grass if you take a look at it, I am going to put the roots on the bottom. So it looks like it is in shadow, put some ground in. And again, all I am doing is stroking up. And I am going to go in different directions. Again, I use more than one color, because there is more than one color to grass. And try to go in different directions unless you want to go ahead and show that the wind is blowing. And most of the time the bottom of the grass is really, really dark, and you want to show that. And the top of the grass is very, very light, and I have a few different shads of color going on in the grass. It does not always need to be traditionally green. And that is how you oil paint grass. This has been Angeline-Marie, thank you for watching.