Video transcription

Hi, I'm Michael Weisner. I'm an Animator, 2D Illustrator and a Graphic Designer and today I'm going to show you how to draw Victorian house. Let's get started. First, you're going to need paper, a T-square and a writing utensil. Now I've already drawn today's image using a pencil to save time. I'm going to follow the same step by inking it today. So let's get started. I'm going to draw the very base of the house, alright. I angle it; draw a line there and then we're going to use T-squares top tierre to draw a line there and then we're going to draw the right side of the house. Now with most Victorian houses, you want to remember that they're very elegant; that they have a lot of feel and detail and texture; but we're going to start with the very base of it. So when doing that, I'm going to add a couple of more angles to the house; drawing, done. Draw on this side, have a little tiny roof. We're going to add second story now. Here we go. With that, I kind of want to add maybe a third story; make it a little tall house. So I'm going to try and just put that off; give that a crown, molding which is there. Start doing some roof ideas; oops, here it go. Where I wonder if he's going to be; so where another roof is going to be and this is where another roof is going to be and so on. Alright, now let's get started on the actual house itself. Now to begin with, I'm going to start at the very base floor; first floor, giving that some detail. I'm going to use different size markers. So I'm going to use big Sharpie at the very base of the house. I'm going to start drawing our door now and the best for you to get to any door, to any Victorian house is to give it some stairs. So come up with some quick stairs; my big Sharpie. Now with the little Sharpie, I'm going to draw a door. I'll give it a little roof right here and we'll do the details for that later. Now we're going to work on this other part of the house. So we're going to split this and we're going to make this sort of a patio for your building right next to it. So I'm going to add some more lines. For most of you, you're going to want to use the measuring tools like a ruler or a T-square that's going to give you some perfect lines. But, I'm going to just try and draw this as quickly as I can. That, let's get started on the floor here. Do some quick line work. Here we go. Now let's get started on the second story of the house in which I'm going to add some more detail connecting the roofs together. In the crown molding, a bit more definition and we can get started on the roofs now. Now I'm looking at this, I want to add a nice little tower at the top of this roof right here. Add this line here, a line down here. I'm going to try and make this look really neat. Now with the third building topper, we don't want to put a regular roof. We want to put a nice little angular roof. So, we give it some shape; draw a straight line and bring back down to that shape. Add a little circle to it; make a nice little half circle window and put a rectangle on the top. And with that, let's add some detail to the roof as well. Now with this I want to add a window right here; you know and let's add some detail to the window. Here we go. And we're going to add some more windows to this house as well. So like right here, put a little window here, window here; fire, window here, window right here, window and we're going to add three more windows. Oh, I'm sorry, four more. I have window right here; three right there. Now remember, whenever I talk to you about Victorian houses, we want elegance and feel special. So instead of square windows, we're going to put right here horse some rectangular circle windows. Start adding some frames to them. Here we go. Now let's get started on the very house's details. So I'm going to take my big marker, use some quick shutters; add some more detail to the window while we're at it. I'm also going to add some vanity and what not to it. Some more superficial detail, if you would. And finally, we're going to fix this little mess I made right here. So I'm going to add a little gargle to it. And we're going to add some detail to the door knob finally and just like our windows, we want to have some detail elegance as well. So I'm going to just put some history lines; maybe throw in some circles; give it like a craftsman's feel door knob; a line, circle, line, line, doorbell. And that is how you draw a Victorian house. I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you next time.