Video transcription

Hi, my name is Krista Blessing and I'm going to talk to you about how to make paper cup drums with your preschoolers. The materials you'll need are plain paper cups, wax paper, rubber bands and markers. When you're making your paper cup drums, you want to buy plain paper cups. I didn't have one, so I put construction paper around my cup. And then, after you have your plain paper cup, you want your preschoolers to take their piece of wax; replace it on top, and they may need a little bit of help for this. They can hold down the wax paper on top, just like this, and then you can be the one to put the rubber band on over top. Now, you want to make sure it's pulled tight so when they're holding it, have them pull that wax paper really tight, and then put the rubber band on top. And, they already have those sounds; a good drumming sound and kind of use it like bongos. The kids can use it like that. And then, after the top is all done, the kids can go through and decorate their drums however they want to using markers, which is a very easy way to decorate them since it doesn't matter that the surface isn't laying flat. So, that's how you make a paper cup drum. And that is how you make paper cup drums with your preschoolers.