Video transcription

Hi, my name is Krista Blessing and I'm going to talk to you about how to decorate your preschool classroom. Materials you'll need will be: children's artwork, also some borders for around your bulletin boards, some stickies for your windows and posters and wall hangings, and that's everything you'll need. When you're decorating your preschool classroom, the main thing to have as your decorations are actually your children's artwork. So, you want to have all the kids make different pieces of art and make sure that you hang it all over the room. And that's going to cover most of your room space. Now the other thing you can do is you have borders that you can put up around your bulletin boards, whether it may be, it might be the teacher's board or it might be the parents' corner, or something like that, you can put borders around. And then, posters are really important because you can identify animals in them and things like that, and the children can point out different colors. You can just use it for different things. And finally, or I'm sorry, and also you can do window stickies or the window things. The nice thing about those are that the kids can actually be moving them around on the windows, and I have smiley faces, but you can do different themes. So, you can do different ones for each time of the year or for each holiday and things like that. Finally, for example, my classroom is called the curious monkeys, and so I have just little monkeys hanging around on our classroom walls, and things like that. You can also do different things, like here's something that would be more fall-oriented. It also goes along with the ones that are back here; some pumpkins, some corn being harvested and that sort of things. So, those are different things that you want to decorate your classroom with, and just make sure all of it is based on you interacting with the kids and the artwork that surround them, or the borders or the posters. And, that is how you decorate your preschool classroom.