Video transcription

Hi, my name is Krista Blessing and I'm going to show you how to set up lesson plans for preschoolers. When you're setting up your lesson plans for the week for your preschoolers, you first of all, will need to have some type of chart or something to write it on. I use and then you just will want to choose a topic for the week. For example, if you do colors, you would need to then incorporate that particular topic into each of your centers. Maybe for your reading center put some books about color in your reading area. And then, for your block center, you can maybe have the children be able to choose out a particular color, for example red, and talk to them about which blocks are red. And then, for art, maybe you can make a collage using all red paper, crayons, markers, that sort of thing. That's just an idea. So, those are some of the centers. Once you have all of your centers incorporating that particular topic that you've decided on for the week, then you want to move on and make sure that your scheduled events that go on during the day; for example, circle time, group time, art, outdoor time, those sort of things that you have scheduled a lot of times each day, you want to make those incorporate your subject that you chose for that week. For example, you can have spray bottles with colored water in them, and take a big, old piece of white paper and hang it on the fence or on the outside of the building and have them spray that. And there you go, you have colors used outside, or even chalk or anything like that. But, that's how you want to set up your lesson plans for the week for the preschoolers. And that is how you set up lesson plans for preschoolers.