Video transcription

Hi, my name is Krista Blessing and this is how you set up a preschool classroom. Okay, when you're setting up a preschool classroom, there are certain things you want to keep in mind. You want to arrange the room so the children are visible at all times. So, when you're setting up the shelving, don't have a corner where you can't see the kids at all, or when you're setting up the cubbies. Also, you want to try to keep your noisy and your quiet centers separate. They don't have to be, like, across the room from each other, but at least separate them by another center that's a little bit more quiet and laid back. For example, you don't want to put your block center right next to your books and reading center, because it's a, it can get very loud in the block center with the kids making the car sounds and everything else. Also, for example, art center; you're going to want to keep that near a sink and probably not on carpet, if you have the option. You can make a lot of messes in that area, and then do this for this also when they eat; wherever they're eating, you want to keep those tables closer to the sink where they can wash their hands afterwards. Another thing to remember is to have a parent information board available for the parents to look at, and that information will have maybe what they're eating for lunch everyday for the month, what your lesson plans are for the week, any events going on, a calendar saying when the school is going to be closed. And those are just a few examples of different things you can put on your parent information board, but you definitely want to have that somewhere where they can see it. So, maybe next to the children's cubbies. And, you want to keep the cubbies closer to the door also, so that they can come in and drop their kids off and set their items that they brought in with them in the cubbies, and then just make it easily accessible for in and out of the front door. Also, make sure your toys are easily accessible and your art supplies and different things that they need to have, don't make it closed off and covered where they don't see it and out of sight, out of mind. So, make sure they can get to everything. And finally, you want to make sure that you have multicultural, realistic pictures around your room with food, people and animals, and to have them posted all over. And make sure that you have your room labeled with your toys also. So, if you have blocks, have a label that says "blocks" right next to it. And that is how you set up a preschool classroom.