Video transcription

Hi, my name is Krista Blessing and I'm going to show you how to do an easy preschool Valentine craft. Some materials you'll need are construction paper, markers, crayons, Valentine's Day stickers and glitter. You can, you also need glue, and optional is tissue paper. Here is one easy preschool Valentine's Day activity for your, or craft for your kids to do. First, you start off with your choice of paper. I chose pink today, but you could do anything that you would prefer, and generally I like to let the kids choose the color too, even if it isn't the Valentine's Day colors. So, you want this to be from them. Show them how to fold it in half, and then what we're going to do is draw a half of a heart for them to cut out. And, I provided some safer scissors for my preschoolers to use. One of them is, you want to look for ones that do not have the pointy ends. You want to look for rounded. And, this particular one has a spring that opens back up, so it makes it easier for them to cut. And then, just let them cut the heart out. It does not have to be perfect. You want them to really get into their own heart and how they make it. And then, after they cut out their heart, you want to give them all the different supplies that I had, the materials that I had talked about before. So, they can color their heart with markers or glitter, put some glitter on our heart. And this particular one has a glue, so you then, you can also use maybe the tissue paper to give it some, some 3D effect there. And then, they can use their stickers, but what you really want is them to make the heart look however they want it to look. And then, when they're done decorating their heart, you can hang it up in the room. Make sure you put your name, their names on it so that they know which ones are theirs and they can show their parents, and that's just one easy, Valentine's Day craft for your preschoolers to do. And that is how you do an easy, preschool, Valentine's Day craft.