Video transcription

Hello, Dan here with DK LeSieur, general contractor, Washougal, Washington. Today, we have been asked how to operate a staple gun. Well, of course, to operate a staple gun you are going to need a staple gun and staples. But be careful and make sure you are using the appropriate stapler and staples for every project. So, I'm going to show you how to load it first. Pull the back pin out and you have two parts. You take your staples, load them in, staple down, point down otherwise it won't work. So, pretty simple. It's loaded. So, there's a staple gun. Over here I've got some string. It's real simple. I'm going to lay this out on my work bench. You can use a staple gun for many different applications, a lot of upholstery shops use them. So you are going to take the staple gun, push the tip down and pull it out. There you go, again, hold the tip down firmly, squeeze. I've got pretty big hands, pretty big arms so I really don't have to worry about putting the pressure on there but you might be some ladies out there that have got them dainty little arms. Here is what I would do if I was a dainty little lady, push weight on the top of it, squeeze it and it's going to go in. What happens is sometimes ladies, like my wife, she's a tiny little lady. She'll try to use the staple gun and get all upset because the staple doesn't go in all the way like this one and I've explained to her like I'm explaining to you guys, hold the top down, push. So, all you are doing is putting pressure on it so it doesn't jump back up because of course you are pushing down, right there it popped up. So how to use it, hold it down, put some pressure on it, there you go. A lot of folks use these for hanging Christmas lights this time of year. It's Christmas time here and upholstery shops use it for a lot of upholstery, a lot of crafts, you know you have got crafty folks could use them but they're really good tools. There is many different staple loaders, stable guns. This one right here when we picked it up I got our stapler and I also got our staples. As you can see here in the top left it is three-eighths, 10 millimeter which goes to this gun so when I got my staples I matched them up. I couldn't tell you how many times in the past I got staples for a staple gun and I have stacks of staples that don't go to staple guns. So be very careful when you do that. There is also many applications for staple guns, depending on what you are doing. If you are putting your roof on there is a staple gun for your felt which acts like a hammer. It's a long stapler about 12 inches and there is heavy duty staples. This is more of a home owner friendly one, small staple. I'll pull that out real quick so you can see the size of it, very small staples, very hard not to pull them out if you need to pull them out. And there is very large staples. You can get staples up to two, three inches. And also there is something staple guns that are pneumatic which pneumatic would be, use your air compressor, more of a heavier application so more home owner use, more friendly, this is it. How to use the stapler and pick them out. So make sure you match up your staples to your staple gun. So that is how to operate a staple gun and this is Dan with DK LeSieur.