Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliot and I'm the Director of Instruction for Teacher of Champions Golf Schools here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we're going to talk about hitting a solid shot. Well, hitting solid shots are just basics of a good solid golf swing. It's nothing special, it's no, no magic to it, it's just that your hands have to be quiet, you have to be good, use good, solid basics in your swing and get the club on plane. If, when I swing, as I turn away from it. If, I'm going to put this ball out here, so we can demonstrate that a little bit better for you. As we set that club there, when I turn away, if I get the back of my golf, the butt of my club pointing to that ball. So that the shaft is on plane, and I just turn up to the top, I come back on that plane. Club pointing the ball, I'm going to hit pretty solid shots, if I keep my hands quiet. If I try to deliver the club to the ball, then that plane suddenly changes, and I hit un-solid shots. So, the key is, getting the club on plane, keeping it on plane and keeping my hands quiet. So, I have to turn through the ball. So the key is, I'm going to have the club on plane, my hands quiet and I'm going to be turning my body through the golf club. If I'm, if I'm turning, my hands are quiet and my club is on plane, up and back. And I'm turning through with quiet hands, I'll hit really solid shot. This is Conan Elliot and that's how you hit solid golf shots.