Video transcription

Hi, I'm magician Paul Weatherbee. In this tutorial we're going to be talking about The Vanishing Card. What you will need for this trick is, a card. The Vanishing Card, whoops, a little something like this. You take a card, you shake it around, and it vanishes and reappears, just like this. Take the card, move it around, move it around, vanishes and reappears, just like that. This is how you do The Vanishing Card. It's called a back palm of a card. Hold the card between your fist and second fingers. Then when you go to vanish it, bring your hand, bring your fist together, and clip the two corners of the card between your first, well actually clip one corner of the card between your first and second finger, and the other corner of your card between the third and fourth fingers, like this. From behind, the card is clipped behind your fingers, just like that. So, when you bring it up to speed, you shake it, clip the cards, you don't want to do that part too slow though, or they'll see you put it behind your hand. You're like this, and a vanish. To bring it back, just bring your fingers back in, and the card comes back in to view. This is something that you'll really need to practice to get the knack of it. Again, from behind, it looks a little something like this. From the front, they can't see the card at all. You might want to move your hand just a little bit so that they don't see the flashes of white between your fingers. If your hands are smaller than some people's hands, you might want to use Bridge size cards. They're a little narrower. These are Poker size cards. Most people prefer Poker size cards. But if your hands are small or dainty, like I said, use Bridge size cards. and this is The Vanishing Card trick. I hope you have fun with it. I'm magician Paul Weatherbee. Check out Rock on and keep your magic strong.