Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott, and I'm Director of Instruction for Teacher of Champions Golf Schools here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today, we're going to talk about better iron shots and more control and to get those two things, that's a very, very important question in the fact that it is about control. It's not about how far can I hit it, it's how far can I hit it under control and so we want to pull back a little bit. Remember, basically, your shot irons, you get into your wedges, nine, eight, seven irons, well you've got a whole bunch of clubs in that bag that will hit it further than that so looking for yardage, trying to see how far I can hit it is really what causes most of our problems. I like to see on our mid to short irons, like to see the club get to what we call a three quarter position at the top so that when we turn back up to the top the club shaft is pointing up a little bit, the clubhead is above my hands. When I drop it or try to get to parallel, that's when I get into a lot of trouble. You'll find that golf isn't the only thing you do. If you work and you have other things in your life, which almost everyone does that plays this game, then flexibility may not be as high as you would like for it to be, or needs to be to take a big full top of the backswing position. So, if your flexibility is a little lower, then trying to get high just breaks you all down, then you lose contact and you absolutely lose control of the shot. So, getting the club more under control, trying not to get so big on the backswing, then trying to be smooth through the ball. Remember, smooth doesn't necessarily, I didn't say slow, I said smooth. Smooth means it doesn't have any quick jerks to it. It can be relatively fast but it has to be smooth. So, the key to more control in your irons is shorter and smoother, not longer and jerkier which those two are kind of like marriages, they're couples. Short and smooth go together. Long and jerky go together. They like each other, but the two couples don't like each other very well. That's kind of the way they go together. So, all I want to really get to happen here, is I want to get my club to be at three quarter at the top and very smooth through the golf ball. This is Conan Elliott, and that's the key to better iron shots and control.