Video transcription

Hi, I'm Shawn Wilson with Shaviq Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to make seashell jewelry. The materials that you will need are several sizes of wire. I suggest a 20-gauge wire and a 24-gauge wire. You will need some seashells, maybe even a pearl and even sea glass looks nice. And then, the tools that you will need are a chain and nose pliers, rosary pliers and a wire cutter, and then a chain to put the finished project on. The first step is the wire; 20-gauge wire, loop it into a bail. The bail is what you're paying your project off of, and attached to the chain and a quick little loop around; it's like tying a knot. And once you have your little bail, wrap it around your tire, your wire around the tile and the tile is your surface. It, all of your seashells and your pearl and everything will hang off of that little tile. So, go around a couple of times and, and I've got my wire cutters; we're done with the 20-gauge wire. And now for the 24-gauge wire, I like to use this little wire; it goes through the beads easier. Loop it around a couple of times, I just tied a knot. So, now it's time to start stringing your beads and one at a time, pick your pattern, put on your sea glass, your seashells and your pearls and wire them until it looks good. Take your pliers and just, and just tighten the wire around your beads. So, the very last step then is to attach your chain to your finished project, and you now have a completed seashell jewelry. So, that is how you make seashell jewelry.