Video transcription

Hi, my name is Stephen and in this segment what I'm going to show you how to do is attach a guitar strap to your instrument. And what you want; will need for this is the guitar strap, your instrument and just the, the simple knowledge of how to put it, to fix it to the pegs here. Now it's, it's a very basic simple thing to do. Every guitar will pretty much have the pegs here or the little, what they call the strap locks here and right here. Now, there are some guitars that don't have one like I have it here; but then you have to tie something around the neck. But, on this; like right up in here. But for the purpose of this example and as most electric and electric acoustic guitars are, you'll have two different strap locks right here. And basically what you do is take this part of your strap here that has a hole and use basic; just put it right around the lock there. So, and then I'll take the other one and do the same thing; just put it on right here. Now typically I won't have it behind my back here; this is just for the purpose of the demonstration. But, so again, you know, it's very simple and what you want to do also; sometimes what's got; if you're performing musician in particulars, get what they call strap locks where you can actually; it's something that you put on, it's very easy to put on and it'll secure your strap on. You know; because, you know, if you are playing on stage as many times as I had for example; sometimes it will just pop off and all of a sudden you're holding your instrument in front of a bunch of people looking stupid. You know; so; but anyways so, yeah just simply, as far as the basic setup you're just sitting at home and playing; just put in the strap on like that and right here and just put it over that part there and then voila; you have your guitar hanging there and it makes playing a lot easier and secure because now it's wrapped around you instead of you just trying to, do a balancing act on your legs. So, yeah, my name is Stephen and I just showed you how to put on a guitar strap.